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  1. Payroll Deduction available from Delmarva Power, Barr International Inc., Service Today Inc., Downes Assocites Inc. and NRG employees for savings, loan, and group auto insurance.
  2. Savings Accounts:
    1. Christmas Club Saving
    2. Miscellaneous Savings
    3. Vacation / All-Purpose Savings
    4. Regular Share Savings
  3. Quarterly Dividends
  4. Secured & Unsecured Loans:
    1. Secured
      1. New Vehicle Loan
      2. Used Vehicle Loan
      3. New Boat Loan
      4. Used Boat Loan
      5. New Motorcycle Loan
      6. Used Motorcycle Loan
      7. Share secured Loan
      8. New RV Loan
      9. Used RV Loan
      10. Home Equity Loan
    2. Unsecured
      1. Revolving Signature Loan
      2. Super 5 Loan
      3. Education Loan
      4. Appliance Loan
      5. All Seasons Loan
      6. Health Assistance Loan
  5. Loan Protection Insurance for each member up to $20,000.00 at no extra cost
  6. Same day service
  7. Life protection up to $2,000.00 at no extra cost to member
  8. Unlimited no charge account verification
  9. Annual meeting
  10. NADA information at no charge
  11. Amortization Service
  12. Special promotional loan rates
  13. Personal service with Office hours 7:00 - 4:30, Monday - Friday.
  14. After hours open door with Manager
  15. Credit union office location
  16. Notary Public service
  17. Constantly striving to insure quality and timeliness

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