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Having started in 1973 collecting money in a cigar box, then through the efforts of many,
we have progressed to an eight figure multi million dollar credit union.

It was those efforts of a diligent Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers
throughout the years that has made this credit union what it is today

We want to thank the past and current Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers for what
they have and will accomplish.

Robert A. Lord: 1929 - 2002
Our founder, Robert A. Lord gave a tremendous amount of his time in initiating this
credit union and continued throughout the years until his death in 2002.
Among many of Bob's positions he served the board of directors since it's inception,
treasurer, manager, ect. Members and staff are truly gratefull for Bob's presence.
Robert A. Lord
1929 - 2002

Preston L. Wheatley: 1938 - 2007
Pres was an integral part in the formation of the Delmarva Power Southern Division Federal
Credit Union. He continued to serve as an active board of director for more than 30 years
along with holding current positions as assistant treasurer, loan officer, and chairman
of the credit committee. Members and staff are forever grateful for Pres' leadership.
Preston L. Wheatley
1938 - 2007

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