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The credit union was organized in 1973 and is federally chartered. Ben Kidd who originally signed the agreement is still active on the board today as Vice President.

Our current Board of Directors is comprised of 9 elected members. We currently have 2 full-time and 2 part-time employees.

Usually, once a year a federal examiner will come on site and audit the credit union. They check all areas such as capital, assets, earnings, liquidity and management. We have been very consistent and have maintained a favorable rating.

We also have hired the credit union accounting firm of Frank J. Pidgeon, CFE to oversee the annual supervisory audit. This is also done in-house and takes approximately 5 days to complete. The areas that are covered are operations, lending practices and procedures, and internal controls.

The supervisory committee conducts a mail audit every 2 years.

An annual shareholders meeting is held on the second Monday of March. The board gives its annual report to the membership and this is followed by a question and answer period. This gives the member a chance to understand how the credit union operates. This is followed by an election for the board of directors and credit committee members. Refreshments are served and door prizes are given.

Recently, the credit union upgraded its computer system and chose Inacom for our hardware vendor and maintained Fidelity Integrated Systems for our software vendor.

Our dividend rates are above average. We compute our dividends on the average daily balance and are paid quarterly.

We offer many types of loans and in some cases, we offer same day service on loans.

Many of our members take advantage of the payroll deduction.

Our current target audience is comprised of employees of Delmarva Power Bay Region, NRG, Service Today Inc., Admiral Security and their families as described in our charter.

Our number one priority is the member!

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