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We currently are partnering with the five (5) sponsor companies below. The range from 10 to over 400 employees from each Company and their families collectively makes up our 1500 plus member base. If you know of any company that is not sponsoring a credit union that may be interested in being a partner, you may contact us. The Company should be in a reasonable distance from our credit union location. The approval process must be approved through our board and they will ultimately have to file with the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for their approval. We appreciate the sponsorship that our existing partners give us and we are confident that the credit union benefit enhances their existing employee moral and helps attract potential good candidates for their employment

Delmarva Power - A PHI Company
Delmarva Power
(formerly Conetiv)

NRG Energy, Inc.
NRG Energy, Inc.

Admiral Security Services

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